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Calves etc

Calf issues. It’s now taking about 2 miles for my calves to finally loosen up. I have big strong calves and run on my toes/forefoot and my calves apparently don’t like it. I have some stretches to try and a recommendation to run heel/toe to try to stretch them out.

Mel and I are now doing 4 min run/ 2 min walk (she was getting tired of my 15 second incremental increases so we boosted it by a lot). Our overall pace is a touch slower but not by much; I’m sure our speed will pick back up (especially because it hurts my calves less to run faster). We’re meeting four times this week….in the cold and dark….yeah, I’m whining because I’m now wearing tights & a long sleeved shirt to run in. Yeah, we’re weather wimps here in SoCal.

Gotta work on my ‘plan’ for the winter — I’ve been neglecting the biking because it’s hard to fit it in during the daytime — I know, everyone has the same problem.

I signed up for Strawberry Fields today — an act of sheer bravery after seeing the surf in the video of the 2005 race.

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  • Mark I. November 29, 2005, 5:39 pm

    Your run on your forefoot and someone told you to change to run on your heels? That is BAD advice Stef. Truly, you are running better than a heel-striker would. If you have sore calves you may be a bit too far up on your toes so just concentrate on backing of a bit to the BALL of your foot. Your calves will adapt. 🙂

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