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Yarn Plans 2006

While browsing the messages boards at Knitter’s Review, I found a message discussing 2006 goals. It dawned on me….wow…I’ve made plans for my triathlon training and racing, but have made no plans for my knitting…..

so here goes:

1) finish my MAJOR WIPs: colinette throw, my angora sweater, Lady Eleanor stole, my honeymoon cami, the fitted Modesitt cami

2) knit a nice wool (probably fair isle) sweater for Rigel my dog (English cocker, very cute, and he LOVES his atrocious bee suit sweater, gets excited when we put it on him)

3) knit an aran sweater for husband Dave (Na Craga? one of the Starmore sweaters)

4) periodically work on some easier stuff (nice scarves, etc) for Christmas gifts. I end up giving away most of what I knit, anyway. And I have a big enough stash!

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  • Laurie December 19, 2005, 2:30 am

    If you are looking for great dog sweater patterns there is a book I’ve used and liked a lot . It does have a fair isle sweater, I got it from the library – “Knitting For Dogs” by Kristi Porter. Lots of cute stuff and even a “matchy matchy” section so you can knit (for ex.) fingerless gloves tomatch your aran fisher dog sweater! I’m currently tackling a dog sweater for a Wesie – my first STEEK experience!

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