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Backyard Plans & Lizzy

I realized I’d not posted a pic of the one finished Lizzy sock.

RE: the backyard, I’m hoping we can get pebbles and some extra DG either Friday or Saturday. 

Installation of anything can’t really start until the guys are done with the wall.

We found a pot for the fountain last Sunday;  we have everything for it (5 gallon bucket, something to use for a grate, pump, hose, silicon caulk, etc).  I’ve had good luck with Sunset Mag projects: this is the one for the fountain. 

Anyhow, as soon as the wall is finished & painted (Behr “Jamaican Sea”) we’ll dig the hole for the fountain, set it up, then do all the DG,  lay the flagstones, plant the plants, then spread out the gravel.


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  • Christina July 16, 2009, 1:38 am

    That fountain’s next on our list (well, after we build a coop for our little chicks currently residing in a brooder in the living room). My husband and I made Sunset’s ‘Perfect Raised Bed’ which turned out very well. We chose a different color stain than recommended though — the redwood stains just looked a ghastly shade of orange.

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