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The cats get their turn….belated thank yous….running updates

….being sock pic models.

Also, a very belated thanks to Patricia and to Judy! I won contests at both of their sites.

Patricia at Tangletale sent me a beautiful bag she made, as well as yarn and stitchmarkers (you can see them here).  The bag is reversible and is exquisitely crafted.  I can’t sew a straight line (I’m serious, not joking) and I’m so impressed when I see such wonderful work.

Judy at Smatterings sent me incredibly soft & lovely sock yarn, colorway Autumn, for guessing closest to the number of acorns in one pound.  It reminds me of butternut squash, and is supremely autumnal!  just gorgeous.

I’ve not posted recently about workouts, but it’s not because they’re not occurring — they are — I’ve just been lax about blogging about them.  Running is becoming a habit again (YAY!) and I’ve started doing some weights at the gym.  I’m almost back down to the weight I was when I overtrained to the point of getting sick a couple years ago — but I’m not nuking my immune system this time.  I can also tell I’m getting faster.  (Mind you, I’m not fast, but relatively speaking, I’m pleased with myself.)

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  • Pat October 25, 2009, 5:56 pm

    You must be on a lucky roll! The yarn is a fabulous color.

    • StephCat October 25, 2009, 7:43 pm

      it seems to go in spurts! I try to do giveaways here reasonably often…

  • Maureen October 26, 2009, 8:35 pm

    Gosh with all your recent FOs I can see you guys must be slow at work! Business has been up and down here, too. I’ve been working on one project (a secret baby blanket) that’s finally finished. 🙂

    Love your kitty!

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