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garden tour…..

…not happening for us this year.  I just found out this afternoon.  I’m a little bummed, but at the same time, a little relieved;  we were worried, with how much everything is flowering now, that we would be peaking too early.

Anyways, we have a couple things they want us to change (and a couple things we can’t, like the parking situation):  primarily get the DG away from the plants and only use it in the paths, and get more gorilla hair mulch for around the plants.

Regardless, I’ll get some pics up, probably next week;  the poppies are really blooming as are the different Ceanothus.

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  • Julie Napoli March 11, 2010, 10:38 am

    Too bad about the garden tour. I was going to try to get out there to see your yard. We’re just now putting the DG in our paths. Most of the planting is complete, and our fountain is ready for pick-up today.

    Love looking at your flowers in bloom. Only a handful of ours are blooming now…..the plants are so small!!! Hopefully we’ll see some color this spring.

    I’ve posted pics on Facebook if you want to see the progress……www.facebook.com/julienap.


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