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Books to Review

Okay, so here’s a list culled from the comments (and one tossed in their that I want to review, anyways):

  • Handknit Holidays: Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah and Solstice
  • Sock Innovation
  • Crazy Lace (not yet available anywhere close)
  • Book of Yarn
  • Judy Becker’s new book when it comes out in the fall
  • Cookie A.’s new book when it comes out in the fall
  • Think Outside the Sox (not yet available anywhere close)
  • Making Mathematics with Needlework; Ten Papers and Ten Projects (available at library, placed hold)
  • Power Cables (not yet available anywhere close)
  • The new Knitter’s Almanac that’s coming out for EZ’s 100th birthday
  • Knitting 24/7 (hmmm…available at the Torrance library….never been there & it’s very close (couple miles away)…ugh…checked the online catalog, the book is checked out & they charge $.75 to place a hold.  That sucks.  Nowhere else charges for holds.  If you don’t pick it up, yes, most will ding you, which I think is fair.  But to charge for placing a hold?)
  • Aran Lace

I have Sock Innovation, Handknit Holidays, Book of Yarn, and Aran Lace.  The rest I’ll have to get from one of my local libraries when & if they’re available.  WorldCat, if you use libraries, is very nifty to see which libraries do have copies.


I’ve been enjoying all the TNNA updates from various bloggers (and of course Jess & Casey’s HelloTNNA site).  Someone (sorry, scanned a bunch of blogs this a.m., can’t remember who, will update if I find out) noted lots of cables, lace, etc in the fashion show:  very happy to hear that!

I’m hoping to get the Twisted Mitts pattern out today or tomorrow;  I now have feedback from all my testers.

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  • Heather June 16, 2010, 11:22 am

    My library used to have a two dollar charge for every single book you requested from inter-library loan. That was a terrible policy! I’d be interested in what you have to say about the book of yarn.

    • StephCat June 16, 2010, 11:38 am

      I don’t do really any interlibrary loan because all the local libraries do charge for it. But I can understand charging for interlibrary loan; your library would have to liaison with libraries outside of their area then pay to have the book shipped to & from your library. With holds, I don’t get it; people can return books to any branch, so books are constantly being moved around within the library system, so no extra cost is really being incurred, even if you choose to pick up the book at a branch other than the book’s ‘home’.

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