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Crazy busy catch up time

Well, just have to say right off: the fall Knitcircus is set to go live tomorrow, which, since our plane (we’re going to Chicago to visit Rosemary & Curtis, and of course to go to Stitches Midwest) actually for once doesn’t leave at oh dark thirty, means that ya’ll will get to see my new sweater, Elise, in all her glory in a blog post tomorrow morning.

Which means this blog post will be no more than a blip on your RSS reader of choice.

Nonetheless….I’ve been working like a madwoman on patterns for the book.  I have two awesome, wonderful sample knitters without whom I wouldn’t be able to have any hope of meeting the photoshoot deadline.  Photoshoot?  Oh, yes, that’s scheduled for 25 & 26 September.  Location still TBD for Sunday, but Monday is at the California Pottery and Tileworks factory in South Central Los Angeles.

I’ve cut back on tech editing.  I’m not taking on any new clients til after the photoshoot…kills me to do that, but it’s necessary.  Much as I hate to admit it, I can’t do EVERYTHING.  That doesn’t mean I’m not tech editing, just not as much.

My workouts have suffered.  I fear I’m also developing some exercise-related asthma, or if nothing else, my bronchitis is flaring up.  Between not making time to run and, when I do try, hacking away like a 2 pack-a-day lifetime smoker (which I’m not, I’ve not smoked at all), I’m a bit frustrated.

Vet work-wise, I may have a chance for a part-time job at a feline-only clinic — wish me luck!

Upcoming for the blog:  I’ll be part of blog tours for Fiddle Knits (for Erica’s Shades of Green ebook) and for Carol Feller’s Contemporary Irish Knits.  I’m still working on a review of the Stitch Mastery charting program (it’s actually partially written up, I just need to play with the program a bit more).

If you’re going to Stitches Midwest, find me & say hi!

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  • Francesca August 24, 2011, 6:02 am

    Have fun at Stitches Midwest and good luck with all the work for the book!

  • Kristen Miles August 31, 2011, 6:30 pm

    good luck on everything, Stephannie!! Sounds like lots of exciting things going on! (minus the asthma)

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