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Technical Editing

Download my current tech editing FAQ here.  See some tips for streamlining the process here.

What is technical editing for knitting?

  • Checking all math.
  • Checking all sizing/grading.
  • Ensuring all stitch counts are correct.
  • Ensuring stitch multiples are set up accurately.
  • Checking that the dimensions are accurate based on gauge and instructions.
  • Checking the pattern numbers against the schematic measurements.
  • Checking the schematic for accuracy.
  • Checking chart(s) for accuracy.
  • Checking the pattern against the chart(s).
  • Ensuring all conversions are correct (ex. inches to centimeters).
  • Measurements are rounded appropriately and consistently.
  • Checking yarn requirements for different sizes.
  • Ensuring any tutorials and/or special instructions are logical and easy to follow.

Other things checked:

  • Formatting of headings/subheadings/body copy is consistent and logical.
  • Body copy is easily understandable and grammatically correct.
  • Style, language and phrases are consistent.
  • Rows are noted as rows and rounds as rounds.
  • Punctuation is correct; rows/rounds end with a period.
  • All supplies are listed.
  • Gauge is always done in x sts by y rows = 4 in.
  • Gauge is available for both Stockinette stitch and any pattern stitches.
  • Use of fractions or decimals is consistent.
  • Use of abbreviations & capitalization is consistent.
  • All abbreviations are listed.

I appreciate all your help. I have been designing since 2008. I consider myself fairly experienced as a knitter and designer.  I always have my patterns tech edited, but I’ve learned so much during the process with you. I think about things now that I never considered before. Thanks for helping me make my patterns more professional.  — Beverly S.