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Technical Editing

Please note:  I am now (as of March 15th, 2015) taking clients again!  Please review my FAQ (link below).

Download my current tech editing FAQ here.  See some tips for streamlining the process here.

What is technical editing for knitting?

  • Checking all math.
  • Checking all sizing/grading.
  • Ensuring all stitch counts are correct.
  • Ensuring stitch multiples are set up accurately.
  • Checking that the dimensions are accurate based on gauge and instructions.
  • Checking the pattern numbers against the schematic measurements.
  • Checking the schematic for accuracy.
  • Checking chart(s) for accuracy.
  • Checking the pattern against the chart(s).
  • Ensuring all conversions are correct (ex. inches to centimeters).
  • Measurements are rounded appropriately and consistently.
  • Checking yarn requirements for different sizes.
  • Ensuring any tutorials and/or special instructions are logical and easy to follow.

Other things checked:

  • Formatting of headings/subheadings/body copy is consistent and logical.
  • Body copy is easily understandable and grammatically correct.
  • Style, language and phrases are consistent.
  • Rows are noted as rows and rounds as rounds.
  • Punctuation is correct; rows/rounds end with a period.
  • All supplies are listed.
  • Gauge is always done in x sts by y rows = 4 in.
  • Gauge is available for both Stockinette stitch and any pattern stitches.
  • Use of fractions or decimals is consistent.
  • Use of abbreviations & capitalization is consistent.
  • All abbreviations are listed.