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Streamlining Tech Editing

Send me your complete, final pattern.  If you send me a partial pattern, then send me changes or additions, I often have to re-do work, which adds time.

Apply your style sheet to your pattern before sending it to me.  Check to make sure everything is consistent.

Send me your style sheet.

Use standard abbreviations (see CYCA).

Use “standard” chart symbols.  There are no set official standards for chart symbols.  However, flip through recent books, magazines, and online magazines like Knitty to see what symbols are consistently used.

Wait to send me an updated copy until you receive the most recent back from me.  Again, this keeps me from having to re-do work.  I.e. if you’ve sent me version A, and I’m working on it, then you send me an updated version B, I have to go through B and redo everything I’ve already done with A (but you’ve not seen yet).  That adds a lot of time.  If something absolutely must be updated, check with me, and I’ll send you what I have so you can update to that copy.

I’ll add to this as things come up!