I finally got my PDA (broken by Dave over Christmas) back this week. It’s an HP IPaq 4355 and I really really like it. In the short time I had it I put so much stuff on it — my mileage log, copies of contracts, my relief schedule, contact numbers for all the clinics I’d worked at, some veterinary formularies, and more.

So anyway, I moved over my knitting needle database, my books database, and some over stuff onto the storage card I bought for the PDA. As I build up more of a yarn stash I’ll catalog that as well. And I guess I can make a database for stuff I need/want…..

I’m working on a couple other bags to felt to further protect my PDA (and its leather Vaja case — jeeesh, yes, a case to protect the case), its Stowaway Bluetooth Travel Mouse, and its Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard. It’s like a mini-laptop. It also has wireless capabilities so once I decide to spring for a wireless account I can use it to surf the internet. Gad, I should name my PDA, I’m buying it gifts!

One bag is using the Cascade 220 wool seen in my first felted bag. I played with doing some stripes with the lighter and darker greys. I’m doing another with that ball of Elite Paintbox that I picked up at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company.

Quick, fun in a meditative way, easy. I’m learning the difference between kinda zoning/ zenning out with the knitting while working on an easy piece versus the concentration/ blocking out everything else I require while working on a more difficult piece. Both have their value. I do enjoy the soft taps of my bamboo needles and the softness of the different wools.