Saturday I received mail, a large box, from my secret pal! Awesome! Peppermint lotion, some really nifty spiral design vanilla soap, a book on soapmaking from Country Living (I do french mill & melt & pour so far) with some great recipes, and, Knitting in the Old Way! Thank you so much! and by the way my secret pal is Stefanie aka the Southern Knitter. What a sweetie!

I’ve worked like a demon the last 5 days (yeah, trying to make up for 2 weeks off). I’m not work much next week, though (by choice), so am planning on making time to bike, run, lift weights, and KNIT. (Mom, are you reading this?) Also have some bookkeeping to catch up on, so it’s not totally work-free, and I am working Tuesday and Wednesday at clinics.

Regarding Katrina: I’ve always detested Bush and am now even more disgusted. There’s enough being said on the myriad of websites, blogs, and news sites on the ineptness of our current federal ‘leadership’. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by the hurricane. I’ve been to New Orleans a couple times and it was, and will be again, a gorgeous, soulful city, a unique place with incredible people. Please donate what you can to the relief organizations.