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Total Immersion Workshop

The workshop was a 2-day primarily pool session workshop (4 hours pooltime each day), with a couple hours for questions and critquing of our videos.

13 students, 2 instructors. One student was repeating the course (he’d taken it about 2 years ago).

We started at the very beginning (sing along now!), with basic back balance drills, and progressed to various other drills in a methodical, easy to learn process.

There were 3 to 5 of us per lane depending on how many lanes we had for each pool session, and we did drills staggered so the instructors could get a look at everyone. Some people caught on faster than others, and may not have gotten as much help/critiquing/finetuning as the ones who were having problems(but I never felt outright neglected!).

All the drills have specific names which make sense once you’re doing them — skating, zipper, etc.

By the end of the second day we were doing ‘continuous switching’ ‘drills’ — i.e. SWIMMING (as I gleefully exclaimed when we got to that point).

The focus for the workshop was teaching us the drills so we could then work on things further on our own; there’s so much to learn and then work on.

TI seems about efficiency first (with speed as a byproduct) which to me fits in well with my tri goals (i.e. having the energy to RUN across the beach after the swim as opposed to stagger!).

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