January ripped past me it seems. It’s been a rough month for me mentally and physically, so I’m pleased I got done as much as I did knitting and spinning-wise in January.

That said, I want to be more concrete about February.

To finish: Dave’s Irish Moss Scarf, Eyelet Cardi
To make a significant amount of progress: Herbstlied. What do I consider significant? Anything over finishing the back.

Anything else is gravy.

I did receive the Mule Deer yesterday. It is lovely! I hope to swatch with it over the weekend.

Destashing is going well, which helps offset the Mule Deer purchase. Even Rosemary insisted on buying some Colinette! I also ended up trading some of my destash yarn for one of the few things that could tempt me besides cash: some Icelandic Roving from The Princess of Pink.

I’m thinking of adding a fair isle vest to my 2008 goal list. I’ve not steeked anything yet — an obvious skill/technique for me to learn. Of course that decision could end up with more yarn purchases — i.e. J&S discontinuation sale.