I feel like I could just re-post the March goals, including the lack of any knitting progress.

What I did manage to do: finish Dave’s Palindrome Hat and my Celtic hat; spin a fair amount at the end of the month; make more stitch markers; destash some yarn.

April Goals:

To finish: Dave’s Irish Moss Scarf, Pleated Scarf (yep, a new project, with Malabrigo’s luscious silk merino)

Progress on other projects:

Finish the body of the Eyelet Cardi.

On Herbstlied: finish my swatch, adjust the sweater design as needed to fit my desired size and the gauge I’m obtaining (i.e. decide how many extra stitches are needed and where to put them) and get started on the back.

Small projects: Kitty bed for the cats

Monthly destash
: Review books, mags and yarn for more destashing.