Mel and I did the PV Half this weekend.  The course was great — hilly and hot but very scenic.   A little after the turnaround my right knee started it’s usual ‘boy, we haven’t done this in awhile, so I’m going to complain’ routine.  (It was fine last week for the four mile XTerra Malibu Creek run.)

I’m not doing Vineman 70.3 this year.  The half marathon experience this weekend finalized my decision. I’m not going to be ready, and I’ve been, honestly, absolutely dreading it.  I’ll be support for Dave as he does it.  And darn it, I’ll do it next year, and train properly  — what a novel idea.

The Malibu sprint tri in September sold out, but they’re adding an Oly for Saturday.  Registration is May 26th, and I’m now planning to really train for this over the summer.  The only oly I’ve done before is Wildflower twice, so I think this is a good goal.  I’d like to pick a fall/winter half marathon to train for, too  — maybe Pasadena again.