I’ve been searching on Craigslist on & off the past few months looking for another bookcase.  With all the pets, the books are much better protected behind glass, so I wanted to find either another barrister bookcase or a double-door case like we found awhile ago.  Plus, despite our constant decluttering efforts, our books resist and, yea! multiply, so more storage was necessary.

We found this gem:

English Antique Bookcase

The seller, a wonderful woman, was downsizing and had no room for this piece, though she loved it.  We trekked last night from Hermosa to Agoura Hills to pick it up.  Dave even got to talk a little astronomy — she’s an astronomy professor.

Of course, you, dear observant reader, can see that the bookcase is full of books and set up in its new home, the dining nook/ daybed area.

I’ve never claimed to NOT be obsessive.  Of course last night I filled the bookcase!

The old mahogony case will be moved to the hallway and filled with my paperbacks, which are currently in a media cabinet in the living room.  We’ll start putting DVDs in that media cabinet, which is located to the left of the TV (the other cabinet overflowing with DVDs flanks the right side of the TV).

The media cabinet (note we actually have three, if you lost count) currently in the hallway, to be replaced by the mahogany bookcase, is full of Dave’s CDs (and I’m talking FULL) and will be relocated to the kitchen nook/laundry room/office area, which makes sense, because he listens to those CDs on the computer.  We’ll move the old sewing table on which the printer sits down to the garage, and put the printer on the media cabinet.

Did that make sense?