We’re going to see alpacas Saturday!  Despite my best attempts at convincing other friends to come along (i.e. bribes of lots of winetasting), it’s just going to be me and Dave this weekend, heading up to Santa Ynez for the day.

For alpacas, I’m planning on visiting Silver Sun Alpacas and Ranch of the Oaks.  Any others will be catch as catch can.

For wine, Zaca Mesa & Andrew Murray (we’re members of both), maybe Consilience (I have a free tasting card somewhere), Melville and ?  Sanford?  Mosby?  Any recommendations?

Bungalow & Garden news:

The solar panels go in Monday!

The oleanders go away a week from this Friday!  Natives will go in that weekend or the next.  Theodore Payne is having sales the 1st two weekends in October;  I think Tree of Life is as well.

The lettuce bin is doing well.  The carrot/celery bin has sprouting seeds.  A few of the tomatoes are still producing.  Major planting of fall/winter seeds is due.

Bathroom is on the backburner, tentative plans to start the kitchen cabinets Monday.  I’m hoping to order curtain hardware tonight so we can put up something while waiting for the real curtains (which we still have to decide upon as well).

Knitting & Spinning:

No spinning, but work continues on the different Christmas presents.  I did cast on for Cleopatra with the Granite Falls Sundara;  I’m about 2/3 through the first chart.

Sundara Silk Lace Granite Falls

Sundara Silk Lace Granite Falls