***ETA:  okay, for this sock I did this:  (sl1, k1) over 21 st, ssk, turn.  It worked.***

Check out this old post of mine.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if instead of being coy I’d revealed what I did?

‘Cause I’m having the same freaking problem I had last time.

I don’t know if I should sl1, k20, ssk, which I think is what I did (I’ll examine the first sock to see if I can count the stitches); or if I should actually have interpreted the instructions as (sl1,k1) over 21 stitches then ssk (which would end up the same # of stitches as the fix I think I used) as opposed to sl1, (k1 over 21 sts) ssk which makes it uneven and which is how I initially (and apparently still do) interpret it.

The instructions read sl1, k1 over 21 st, ssk, turn.

Some handy parentheses would’ve been nice.