Class Sweater

Class Sweater

Yesterday I wasn’t booked for relief so I was able to watch some of the inauguration events.   Wow.  Multiple teary-eyed moments.  I’m so impressed by the graciousness, strength, kindness and intelligence of President Obama.

It’s a good feeling to be proud, rather than ashamed, of our country’s leadership.

On the more immediate front, the knitting classes are going well overall.  I met with the second group last night, and like the first, they are a fun group of women with which to work.  Two of the women are customizing their sweaters with their choices of cables etc — what fun!

My demo sweater is coming along;  I figure if I’m working it to the same point as the first class it’ll work for the other classes as well, based on how we’ve scheduled the class meeting times.

….off to work, more later…..