I’ve not been sleeping well recently.  Variety of reasons I’m sure, stress most likely number one.  Regardless, two nights ago I woke up, middle of the night, thinking that not all stitch patterns look the same upside down as they do right side up….and would St Brigid’s?  did I have to re-configure the cable patterns?

The side panels are fine.

The center is not.

Last night I played with it a bit on paper, and think it will work.  I’m not at the point yet to worry about it;  although I’ve finished the shoulder part of the straps and have made good progress on the front right side, I need to do the left side to the join, before I really start to fret.  (Or I could learn a lesson from the Twisted Sweater and swatch the center panel separately, getting out all the kinks, as opp0sed to being willing to drop the section and re-knit).

I do love how the cables are popping, so pretty!  And I do like how the substitute braid looks, too.

After that I knew I had to take pics.  Please keep in mind that it’s not even 7am and it’s cloudy out regardless of whether the sun’s even up a little bit….so yeah, excuses, excuses on why the pics suck.  But here goes:

This is truer to real color.  The next pic I ‘autofixed’ because it came out way too dark (using the flash totally washed out the cables, so I turned it off), so the color is way too purple.  Tried fixing it, but it’s still off.

Please enter the St Brigid Contemplations giveaway if you’ve not yet.  Also, check out the Pay it Forward post and play if you’d like!

Lise, I’m really not trying to make this difficult for the sake of being contrary.  I know I won’t wear a boxy sweater.  To do the design as originally written would be fun as long as I remained entertained by the cables (which would probably be for, oh, the back).  And as much as I feel I’m probably more of a process knitter than a project knitter, I don’t want to spend a ton of time on a sweater that I won’t wear — assuming I didn’t get bored and frog it because it was pointless.

I also tend to divide my knitting into easy/TV knitting — like the Trenza Mitts — and more difficult knitting that is fun because it is more intellectually challenging.  Obviously my St Brigid is the latter (though if I was doing it without mods, it’s not difficult).