I picked up and worked on St Brigid and finished (*sort of) the body:

*I really don’t like how the bottom edge looks.  I want it simple, and bound off in pattern, but to me it looks messy/irregular/uneven.  I may pick up and do some applied I cord;  I could do the braided band along the bottom, but I’m not sure if I want to put a big (well, 1.5″)  horizontal line across my hips.   (Although I do like how that looks on other people’s sweaters.)  I debated about possibly doing one row of 1×1 ribbing then doing a tubular bind off (I’m really enamored by how the bind off looks on my Double Diamond socks) but would that much Kitchener stitching drive me crazy?  I’d try it on one of my swatches first, before tackling the whole sweater, to make sure I like the look of it.

Suggestions????  Whatever happens to the bottom edge of the sweater is likely to be what I choose to do with the ends of the sleeves.

I do like the fit and the length.