Wow.  There’s lots to blog about, and it’s not going to make it into this post, because I’m fiendishly slaving away on the two Sanguine Gryphon patterns, which are due this Saturday.

But….in the next week or so….I’ll blog about:

  • The mitten class with Susanna Hansson that I did this past weekend.
  • Visiting my wonderful friend Kathy, who is not only beautiful and gracious but a very skilled knitter (and spinner! and dyer!) for which she needs to give herself credit.
  • Visiting Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island.
  • Good food & wine in Washington State.
  • Book reviews!  I just received 3 books to review.
  • Contest associated with at least one of the book reviews!
  • Teaser pics about the two patterns.
  • Perhaps a bit about my personal design process, if anyone’s interested.