200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter’s Directory by Mary Jane Mucklestone, Interweave, 2011, 208pp.

Mary Jane Mucklestone is known for her wonderful stranded designs.

In this book, she’s swatched a plethora of motifs, charted them in various colorways, and charted many of the motifs as all over repeats.  Just the sheer amount of knitting to create all the swatches indicates this was a labor of love.

The strength of this book is not the number of motifs — you can get far more motifs in Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting, for example.

The usefulness and value of this book is seeing the difference in color selection and how it alters the appearance of the different motifs.

It’s a fantastic take on a stitch dictionary, and incredibly inspiring.

Mary Jane sourced yarn from Jamieson’s, J&S, Elemental Affects, & Harrisville.

If you’re a stitch pattern collector, or especially if you’re designing stranded items, I recommend this book.


I purchased my copy from the Feral Knitter.