And on to books!

My books aren’t precisely arranged quite as I’d like, in large part because, well, books come in different sizes.  As do shelves.

Most of my smaller books are on one shelf of the barrister, or lawyer’s bookcase, in the dining room.  This is a piece we actually got at an antique store — the only furniture we’ve gotten from an antique store, I think.  You can find them on Craigslist as well.  We just didn’t when we were looking for this one.

The larger books are in the English Arts & Crafts bookcase in the dining nook.  This is a piece we found on Craigslist;  you can read about that here.  I originally stored most of my hardbacks in it (those have since been dramatically downsized, and the remainder live in a bookcase in our bedroom).  You can see a pic of the bookcase here, when I used it for just yarn.  Now it holds personal yarn and books.

I do try to sort my books by categories:  aran/cables, stranded, mittens/gloves, socks, pattern books, designing books, stitch dictionaries, and so on.  I can generally easily find what I’m looking for, thought they do get a bit out of order.

(In fact, I’m itching to or ganize them.  Today.  Which is one way I procrastinate from doing other things.  Must resist.)

I try to keep my Ravelry library up to date, though I’m a little behind.  It’d be nice if they included stitch dictionaries in general.

(MUST RESIST urge to reorganize and catalog the library!)

Magazines?  stored in the cat’s bedroom, in the closed cabinet portion of some IKEA Ivar book cases.  I got my original Ivar bookcase in Germany.  It’s very functional.  Over the years we picked up a couple more additions to it.  It’s a useful system.  Not sure if I can say much more about Ivar.  It is very functional.

Ebooks?  In one file folder on Dropbox & also periodically backed up to the H drive (external hard drive) on the desktop.  I also have most of them on my iPad. I don’t have enough, yet, to make subfolders.

Do you have a system for your books?



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