Giftalong-logo-400I’ve been swamped else I’d’ve posted about this earlier, but the Indie Design Gift-a-long is going on NOW.

All my single patterns in my Ravelry store (and the one that I’m going to be releasing very very soon, a very pretty beaded stole/scarf) are eligible.  Now’s the time to grab a copy of Ravens in Snow Fingerless Mitts (I think that’s the favorite so far!), Don’t Fence Me In, Zylphia Pilots Her Airship, and more!

And, to sweeten the fun, use code


in the Rav store of any of the participating designers, not just me! to get 25% eligible patterns.  You can use the code as many times as you’d like between now & midnight GMT November 15th (note that’s 4p PST).  The KAL goes through Dec 31st.

There will be prizes!  Seriously, check out the group, there’s a lot going on.


Sandwiched in between the house repairs and bathroom remodels, vet work and tech editing and other design work had been my planning for my very first booth of my own, this past Sunday at the annual WEFF show in Torrance.

I knew I wanted the booth to have a vintage-y industrial vibe, with a mix of scavenged, antique & handcrafted items.

weff booth




So here’s the list!

  • vintage glove molds from eBay for displaying fingerless mitts
  • sock blockers from Purrfectly Catchy Designs custom made with my logo
  • a discounted but lovely dress form
  • a variety of lights to make the booth sparkle
  • the wooden table that was on our front porch (you can see a pic of it with my Wrought Mitts)
  • a rug from home
  • curtains from home (we use them instead of a closet door)
  • table cover and additional center curtain from fabric I’d had for a long time
  • wine boxes we’d had that we stained
  • various wire & woven baskets from around the house
  • stand up vintage picture frame that I used for the price list
  • chair we found on the side of the road
  • DIY  garment rack made from steel plumbing pipes
  • banner stand out of PVC pipes, spray painted turquoise
  • trunk show for Hitch (with new tags)
  • trunk show for CRK (with new tags)
  • a variety of samples from individual patterns (yep, with new tags)
  • black velvet hangers

I had patterns and books for sale and a bit of yarn from Verdant Gryphon and a lot of gorgeous Shetland from Jeane at Elemental Affects.

We practiced setting up the booth in our dining room the day before.  A couple things got moved around on Sunday for the actual booth, but having set it up ahead of time helped so much.  Tear down was super quick as well.