Summer TNNA is now quite a bit (over 1.5 months!) earlier this year. It seems like we just had winter 2014 TNNA (see my post here).

If you’re a designer going to your first TNNA, read my Designer’s Guide to TNNA post here.

I’m now with Stitch Sprouts, and will be sharing a half booth with Mindy Wilkes.

Until this time, whenever I’ve had a booth, I’ve always been able to drive. This will be my first time bringing my stuff on the road.  I’ve bought a couple of items from Ikea that will fit into checked bags, though I’ve not fully decided what I’m bringing.  I’m planning a dry run set up in my dining room again before packing. Yay for Southwest - I can bring 2 checked bags if I so desire.  I really don’t desire to do so, but it’s nice to have the option.

I’m planning on bringing samples from CRK, Hitch, some old favorites, and a bunch from The Wild West Collection.  Although I don’t have individual patterns from The Wild West for sale on Ravelry (expect them late summer) I am planning on doing exclusive print for Stitch Sprouts prior to that.

Like I’ve noted other times, I don’t really have much of an agenda.  I’m going to be checking for yarn for a few projects, touching base with yarnie friends, showing off some samples, and hanging out with designer buddies I don’t get to see but once or twice a year.  I am going to bring out some order sheets for custom buttons, but that’s about the only new thing.

If you’ve read this far, here’s a teaser for The Wild West: Stranded, which will be coming out in May…. 4 stranded designs, 2 mitts, 2 hats.  Thanks to the Arizona-Sonora Desert museum for the pic of the Ringtail Cat, and to NPS for the pic of the Organ Pipe cactus.

stranded promo collage