GAL14_logo-400Hi all! As part of the Indie Designer GAL we get to interview other designers, often new to us. For this installment, I got to interview Jenise Reid, FeminebyDesign on Ravelry.

Steph: Hi Jenise!  Thank you for participating in the GAL.  What are your favorite items to knit for gifts?
Jenine: Mittens! Where I live, they are useful both for walking or driving in the winter (ever tried to hold a below-freezing steering wheel? It is not fun!). They are pretty fast to make, you don’t need to worry about a perfect flattering fit (like you would a sweater) and they use up very little yarn. Also, I know offhand about how large my friends hands are, so I don’t have to ask for measurements.

Copy_of_IMG_0125_small_best_fitWhich of your patterns are great for gifts? Which are most popular? Which do you think are great but overlooked?
Screw top is a really enjoyable toque to knit, and it comes together quickly. I have a some collections of headbands (Headband Love 1, 2, & 3) that are perfect for warm areas, or the Bootcuffed collection for cold areas. I didn’t expect it, but my family and friends ask to “borrow” the cuffs more than any other item in my buckets of knitted stuff.

Surprisingly, I have seen a number of ladies make Persian Dreams as a special gift, but I don’t think there is enough time before the holidays to start one and give it this year! I would suggest casting on in January and then giving it next winter.

Persian_dreams-4_smallOh, I love that blanket.  I’m definitely getting that pattern…though I’ve no idea when I’ll do it!  Any new designs for the GAL? if not, anything in the works you can tell us about?
Nothing for the GAL, though I should have a handful of patterns released over the next month. Besides that I am working on a collection of fine-weight sweaters and I am really excited about it. They will be released one every two months all of next year, starting in January.

Sounds awesome!  Thank you, Jenise.