craftsy class (2)I can finally tell you what I’ve had to be so quiet about!

Guys, I’m doing a class with Craftsy!  It’s about teaching you how to modify colorwork stitch patterns to create your own personal fingerless mittens, and I am beyond excited.

The tentative name is Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts.

It should be out in early May. I can’t wait!

End of January I started working with the acquisitions editor, Stefanie Japel. She was looking for a colorwork class, and had seen and liked my designs – specifically the fingerless mitts patterns like Dragonfly Mitts and Surf’s Up Mitts. She guided me through developing the class, and presented it to the rest of the Craftsy team. I found out the class was green lit – the class was a go! – a week later.

I had no idea of how big the whole Craftsy process was until I was part of it.  I got to work with several different people on developing the class (and more behind the scenes that I didn’t have a lot of back & forth with) even before flying out for the filming.  Apparently, by the end of post production, over 18 people will have been involved in creating, producing, and editing the class.

I can’t say enough how wonderful everyone was. I’d heard that Craftsy does everything they can to let the instructor just teach the class and not have to worry about anything else, and that’s absolutely true.

Here are some pics from the set.  It was the last day, so a lot of my stuff (samples etc) had been neatened up already.

[metaslider id=7284]

It was very dark in the room, except for the actual area where I stood or sat for filming. Those lights were very bright!

I’ll be following up with more information on the class itself — and the chance to win it for yourself!