swatch picThe Mrs Crosby Reticule Shawl (which will get a real name!) is the other shawl I’d like to get knit up prior to the June summer TNNA show. The picture, left, is of my initial swatch.

This shawl is a companion piece to Isn’t It Romantic?, but worked in laceweight yarn and a totally different shape. It starts with a few cast on stitches, then grows into a wedge/curled shape shawl. The main body of the shawl has a simple stockinette and lace panel design that flows into the lovely flowers of the edging.

Normally I try to finish one design sample before starting another, but I chose to work up this design right before going out of town 2 weeks ago, so I would have travel knitting.  The Cumbria Fingering shawl has four balls of yarn attached, and was fairly large by that point — not quite as easy to knit on the road!