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Here you go!  Last couple of patterns are in the final tech editing stage, then it’s on to final layout & copy editing!

I’ll be doing preorders with a discount the week prior to release just like for LACE 1.

cables promo collage

Row 1: Sedona Vest, Oak Creek Hat

Row 2: Oak Creek Hat, Jackalope Stole

Row 3: Tucson Cardi, Slide Rock Socks.

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This is the first in series of things you end up finding out you need to learn about as an Indie Designer!  If you’re just starting out designing, read this post first.

I’ve gone through and tagged posts I think are of interest to indie designers (beginning and otherwise); click on the category Designer Tools to see more.



Even if you don’t want to blog, IMHO you do need a website.

If you’re reading this, you’re used to going to the Internet for information. So are most other folks, especially those who are your customers (assuming you’re selling patterns, um, ONLINE).

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SUNSET CAT-58The Pinyon Jay cowl is the second cowl pattern in The Wild West: Patterns Inspired by the Flora, Fauna, Geology & History of Arizona, vol 1: Lace 1.

I designed the sister pattern to this, the Pinyon Jay Crescent (to be released in LACE 2) first, spring/summer 2013, and really loved how I blended the edging into the traditional stitch pattern.  I went ahead and designed the cowl, adding a little bit of purl contrast to the top edge.

I had originally wanted to do this just in Shibui Silk Cloud, but ended up doing the version in the Baby Alpaca first.  I also had some Knit Picks Stroll in Agate Heather (a color I adore, that fits into the color palette of the collection), so ending up doing 3 different versions, with different beaded options.
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