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Crankin’ on Conwy

Yesterday I finished the leg (making the same length as my New England sock), turned the heel, finished the gusset decreases. Today I worked on the foot; considering my mom wears a size 7.5-8 to my 9.5-10, I figure I’m at least 1/3 of the way along. My informal goal was to have them done this week — that’s a definite possibility.

Unfortunately neither pic shows the true deeper colors.

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  • jessie October 23, 2006, 3:13 am

    That is my favorite pattern from Knitting on the Road. I’ve taken that book from the library on several occasions and have yet to actually knit anything from it!

  • Rebecca October 26, 2006, 7:44 am

    The Conwy pattern is my favorite pattern so far. I will probably knit it again at some point. Yours look fabulous!

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