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Podcast Episode 6: A Quickie

In this episode I review Lithuanian Knitting from Donna Druchunas and June Hall; review Lara Neel’s new Craftsy class; and talk about a new piece of equipment, the Running Buddy.



Craftsy in general (if you sign up via this link, please note I’m a Craftsy affiliate)
Lara Neel web page
Socks My Way: Heel & Toe Variations on Craftsy: special price from Lara!

socks for lara's class

Donna Druchunas and Lithuanian Knitting.

lithuanian book cover
June's Lambs
June and Donna in Vilnius 2013
LKCT Židinys Hearth Mittens IMG_4986
LKCT Little Lithuania IMG_4902
LKCT Green Bridge Riešinės IMG_5290
LKCT Dzūkija Wedding Gloves IMG_4934

yarn for giveaway

That last pic is the yarn you can win!


Running Buddy


Mar Vista by The Madeira on Double Crown Records.

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  • Donna Druchunas April 24, 2015, 11:33 am

    Thanks for reviewing my forthcoming book, Stephannie! I loved the info about Lara’s new Craftsy sock class as well as The Running Buddy too and I’ve shared a link to the podcast on my FB page and Google+ because I know my followers will be interested in all 3 products.

    People can pre-order my book here:

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