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I try to ensure my patterns go out error-free but mistakes do happen, no matter how many times a pattern’s been test knit and edited.

Also, sometimes one of you will have an idea on how to clarify something within the pattern, or otherwise improve it, and I’ll incorporate that within the pattern.

If you purchase the pattern through Ravelry, note that I will always post a revised pattern PDF and will notify you through Ravelry PM and your paypal email address as soon as possible.

Errata for self published patterns is listed on the individual pattern page here on my site.


Errata for the print version of California Revival Knits is here (or on the individual pattern pages on Ravelry).


Rafters Cardi

If you find errata, please contact Twist Collective — they are the keepers of the main pattern :)

Twist Collective sent out an update to everyone 9/17/2013. All known errata to date was corrected for that version.


Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi

If you find errata, please contact Knit Picks — they are the keepers of the main pattern :)

If you are awaiting a reply from Knit Picks, please download the errata and charts here; a diagram for picking up the stitches along the saddle straps here; and a diagram showing picking up stitches around the armholes and short rows here.


Please email me if you find any errors or have any suggestions on my patterns.