Add on to the ‘to do’ list: take pics of my finished & works in progress projects. I finished the felted tote from Felted Knits a couple days ago. Still working on the Rigel sweater (aka his drone costume — yellow and black stripes, I’m also going to make him a little cap with antennae) (no, we have no children, and no plans or desire for any). Still working on the DNA cable scarf.

Bought the Rogue pattern (aren’t I ambitious!) tonight — thinking I’ll do it in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, not sure yet on the color, probably something greenish. Again, this project gets to wait until I’ve done the sweater for my mom, which has to wait until I do a few more felted purses, and oops, the only thing my husband will wear (he’s not a sweater guy, too bad, looks great in them!), a cable scarf for when he goes stargazing at Mt Pinos.

Dave also had me play Squad Leader, an extremely complex WWII boardgame, tonight while we were enjoying coffee at Catalina Coffee Company. He was very excited that I actually agreed to play it. I won the first scenario. Winning always always makes me happy. Yeah Steph! And he couldn’t’ve let me win as a nefarious scheme to get me to play more — a lot of it depended on me getting really good dice rolls and his really sucking. We’ll probably play the next scenario in a few days.