Making up for all the time off I had earlier this month — I work M-Sat this week. Four different clinics. Keeps life interesting & varied!

I visited a weaver’s studio in Costa Mesa (purchased some roving wool to use in felting projects) yesterday, and paid another visit to Concepts in Yarn in Torrance today. Also had my first visit to L’Atelier in Redondo Beach and was pleasantly surprised by the welcome I (albeit eventually) received, especially after reading bad reviews on Gorgeous yarn!!! someone stop me from fondling the cashmere! I chatted with one of the customers (an internist, who saw my scrubs with “Dr Tallent” embroidered above the pocket and struck up the conversation first) and admired her works in progress (much bolder colors than I tend to choose for myself). I also chatted with one of the owners — very friendly.

Dave’s cable scarf, navy blue superwash wool, US 5 needles, with a right cable & left cable bracketing intertwining cables from Alice Starmore’s Aran book, is coming along. Pictures to come.

Other projects are progressing.