This evening a couple brought in a redtail hawk they’d seen crash. He was sooooo gorgeous. The rehabber came & picked him up for nursing care. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with raptors (really not since school), so I was more excited than helpful. But at least we got the hawk where he needed to go.

Dave’s giving me a hard time about starting a lot of projects and not finishing them. (Though I have finished a few more felted bags — yes, the PDA accessories.) So I need to finish the scarves and Rigel’s Drone costume before starting anything else major. I do want to finish Dave’s scarf fairly quickly, we’re going to Yosemite for a long weekend mid March (there’s a yearly vet conference in March, lectures in the a.m., hiking in the afternoon, Dave catches up on his grading while I’m in lecture) and he might need it if it gets cold. I’d like to knit him a sweater but, as noted previously, he really doesn’t wear them (though he looks great in them).

My friend Elizabeth and I are planning a ‘yarn crawl’ (like a pub crawl) later in March, so we can explore all the yarn shops we haven’t been to yet. I’ll post comments post-crawl.