Wow. And wow again. 75 degrees, brilliant blue skies, sheer granite dropoffs, waterfalls — I’m a beach girl but Yosemite is one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

Dave and I go every year to the California Vet Med Assoc spring conference in Yosemite. Lectures in the morning for me, he catches up on grading papers, then we hike all afternoon. (One year it snowed, and it was like a magical faeryland; but that curtailed that year’s hiking!) This year we hiked up the Mist Trail, past Vernal Falls, then on up to the small bridge before Nevada Falls then up to Clark’s Point then back down the John Muir trail (which was an adventure, given some snow packs across the trail that we had to navigate — I, with my fear of heights (well, fear of falling) was Not a Happy Camper at those points). 1500 ft net gain, about 6 miles roundtrip to/from the car. The next day we hiked up Tenaya Creek to the bridge crossing it then back on the side of the main ‘trail’/road past Mirror Lake. Pics to follow, though unfortunately we didn’t bring the camera on the first hike!

The Mist Trail has to be my favorite hike — the falls are just so beautiful, rainbows galore, varied terrain and views — it’s not easy but it’s worth it. This year was the first time we actually got to do this trail — the last few years it’s been closed.

On knitting: I brough PinUp Girl and did a few more inches on the top. It’s coming along. I should get the front finished before our Belize trip (we leave next Monday). I kip’d before the lectures and got a few questions regarding knitting and the project. Tomorrow night the South Bay Knit MeetUp meets near my house at Catalina Coffee Company so I should make good progress then. (Also, work’s been a bit slow, so I always bring along my knitting!)