Yep, I made progress on my knitting, I puttered around the house and garden, I surfed the internet and made updates to my webpage. I drank tea, read a variety of books, and walked the dog. (I often declutter as well. Our house is quite small and if something new comes in that means something no longer used etc goes. If something is useful, just not to us, it gets donated, usually to Goodwill because of convenience. We’ve also been known to put stuff on our sidewalk with a big FREE sign on it.)

Oh, and I happened to shop on eBay. Bought stuff for the May tea — a Hall teapot, Birch, in blue; a collection of 5 old demitasses spoons; a variety of small linens and napkins. Still bidding on another tea pot (Czech, art deco lustre), more spoons, a 3-plate tier (you know, the type that has a metal handle/pole that runs thru the middle of the plates), a few other things.

Knitting-wise I bought a Colinette Perugino throw kit in ginger nut for a gift for a friend. Hopefully it will arrive while we’re in Belize and I can knit like a madwoman to get it done by the following weekend.

Since I got accepted into the Knitting Bloggers webring I’ve browsed the sites close to mine, including CJ’s Knitting Basket. She makes stitch markers as well and is doing a swap on her site. Neat! Trying to think what I could make to do something similar — maybe mosaic votive holders? comments?