You know those days you have that are just kinda blah? When something happens at work that annoys the crap out of you? What makes things better (besides a nice glass of some esoteric red Rhone varietal (big fan of Bonny Doon wines) and some See’s candy, preferably the Butterscotch Squares or Milk Bordeaux or English Toffee, or if I’m being more sophisticated some nice semisweet Valrhona) (but I digress)?

Mail that’s not bills! Mail that includes my recently ordered Alice Starmore books (Celtic Collection and Fishermen’s Sweaters), my sample card from Frangipani, and definitely tops, Jade Starmore’s Collector’s Item and the yarn for the Persian Tile pillow! Delirious joy! such simple pleasures.

Dave has requested a sweater! Well, he chose one when offered. So add Na Craga to the evergrowing list.

I have the next couple days off — yea! knitting, gardening (bought some heirloom tomatoes and a plum tree), just relaxing. Run/walk with Rigel. Home pedicure. Walk on the beach. I’m sure I’ll find a ton of stuff to do.

I was able to request In the Hebrides, Pacific Coast Highway, and Stillwater through interlibrary loan through the Palos Verdes Library. I’ll admit I’m spoiled by having access to multiple library systems, and the PV libaries are great, with very nice, helpful staff. The Malaga Cove branch is in a lovely old building with a bunch of Arts and Crafts antiques (or at least pieces in the style). I just found out last week they have a knitting group that meets on Friday afternoons there — won’t be able to go this week but hopefully will next week. Regarding the Starmore books, at least I’ll be able to take a look at them and decide if the prices on eBay are worth it.

I’m looking to get a few more books: Knitting in the Old Way, Viking Patterns for Knitting, and Stanley Montse’s Knitter’s Handbook. I’ve ordered level one of the TKGA Master’s Knitting program so am hoping the latter will be an asset.