Okay, you know how I said I have to finish a) Colinette Perugino throw; b) PinUp Girl sweater; c) Mom’s angora from Knitting on the Edge? In that order? (Not to mention the DNA cable scarf or Dave’s cable scarf.)

And how I just got my Persian tile kit in the mail? With the lovely A Collector’s Item book?

Yep, I started Persian Tiles. I couldn’t resist Mountain Hare and Ericka, the two colors I picked (a rusty brown and a deep maroon). Nor the thought of teaching myself a new technique. So far I’ve done 2 rounds in the pattern stitch. Painstakingly, on little tiny needles, 200 stitches per round. I’m making good use of the stitch markers from CJ — thanks again! But it’s all knit stitch, in the round, so as I get used to juggling the two different colors in one hand (I knit English and I’ve tried Continental but am so much faster with English that that’s what I’m sticking with. I may practice on some other items Continental so I can do Fair Isle, one color in each hand; but for now, sticking with English.), I’ll get faster. Now keeping track of the pattern — that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. I need to get one of those magnetic board things especially as I start doing more charted pieces. Anyone know of a good place to get one? My closest LYS (that I visited today) didn’t have them, unfortunately. I’ll search eBay and online stores.

So three projects on the needles that have priority. Gosh, I might as well start Mom’s sweater! Make it four! Go for the gusto! No guts, no glory! (that latter happened to be my West Point company’s motto (C-1, for any of those you care: First Regiment and Proud, Sir! We Lead the Way!)

(On a side note: I’ve not been particularly nostalgic for high school, though my (gulp) 20 year reunion is next fall; but I have been a little nostalgic for the Academy. I’ve not been to any reunions yet, high school or college, but still. Oh, and the guy who recently won The Apprentice? one of my West Point classmates. Cool guy. Seeing stuff like that makes you wonder how everyone is doing, what they’re doing, and so on. Or maybe it’s just me getting older. Nostalgic. Whatever. I’ve usually been the sort or person to focus on the present and future, not the past.)

So anyway, back to knitting: I’ll be going to a local knitting group this evening, will probably drag out PinUp Girl again, because though I love my ebony needles, it’s hard to see some of the yarn on the Colinette throw against them, and Catalina Coffee Company has relatively poor lighting for knitting. Bamboo for PinUp Girl. Bamboo for Persian Tiles, too, but that’s not something I can work on and talk at the same time. (I was going to buy some rosewood circular needles but the only ones L’Atelier had were 80cm, too long for the width of the pillow.)

SCUBA: the Long Beach Scuba show is coming up the end of May. Highly recommended for any of you divers. Lots of freebies, lots of booths, lots of door prizes. Last year I won a trip for two to Catalina, including the boat trip to/from, 2 nights at the Banning House lodge, a day of diving, and a day kayak rental.

Our dive trip in August will be to Cozumel. Next spring is up in the air: hoping the Cayman Dive Lodge will be up and operational (they got totally wiped out by the hurricane).

We may do some shore diving May 7/8th locally.

SCUBA/knitting note: I taught a friend from ADP (LA County’s Advanced Diver Program) how to knit today! She was doing so great, knitting and purling away. I loaned her my copy of SnB and gave her some needles and some yarn.