Gee, when I don’t work, I post nearly every day. Sometimes multiple times in a day. And when I do work? no postings!

Three different vet clinics in five days. Sounds like one of those bad ‘it’s Tuesday so this must be France’ European bus tours. It does make the work week go by quickly, though, being different places.

The tea party went swimmingly. Darth Rigel’s true nature came through and he stole a tea sandwich (Stilton and pear, I believe) off the plate on my friend Rebekeh’s lap. But we were stuffed, satiated and torpid after all the food. We’ve all decided to do fairly regular teas but to do them potluck, which will be easier.

I’ve made ferocious progress on the Perugino throw.

My friend Elizabeth and I went to two knitting stores in the Valley (yes, the San Fernando Valley, of Valley Girl fame): La Knitterie Parisienne in Studio City and Stitch Cafe in Valley Village. La Knitterie is incredible: I’ve never seen so much yarn in one place. I bought some Rowan denim in Memphis to knit the Honeymoon Cami (would like to make a couple tanks for the summer, have also acquired some Rowan Linen Drape in Pearl). Edith, the owner, was incredibly nice and helpful and not at all snobby (which is a relief because in certain upscale yarn shops you get that in spades).

Lisi, at Stitch Cafe, was also wonderful, friendly and chatty. I splurged and bought a Zelda Grand bag in olive floral — I’ve been lusting after one of thosebags for a long time. Stitch Cafe had them at 20% off so I couldn’t resist. Stitch Cafe has weekend dyeing classes that I want to try at some point. They also make their own knitting needle cases in adorable vintage/vintage style fabrics.

So, on the needles: Perugino throw, Persian tiles, PinUp Girl, Honeymoon Cami, the two cabled scarves — enough variation to keep me busy! On the Honeymoon Cami I’m substituting a lace edging from Knitting on the Edge, coincidentally (hah) the same as what’s on the sweater I’ll be doing for my mom. And I’ll be dashing off a bunny with some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I got on sale for a friend’s baby whose birthday is coming up soon (his first!).