I’ve been thinking on this because of some interactions w/ friends.

I think I’m a brave (or foolhardy!) knitter, in that I push myself to try new techniques/projects, very likely beyond my capabilities, but I’m willing to learn and try. (Please note in other areas of my life, like doing difficult surgeries (I’m a vet), I’m not brave — I tend to think of it in those circumstances as knowing my limitations.)

One friend (who, I’ll admit, hasn’t been knitting all that long) is afraid to tackle anything that’s not a rectangular object with only one color. She is not a brave knitter. (I do admire her drive and ambition in other parts of her life.)

Another friend, who I taught both knit and purl to in about 15 minutes, is already planning to do a variety of things. She is a brave knitter. (She’s a brave woman all around, anyways.)

A woman I’ve met at a knitting group, who’s been knitting for 20+ years, is finally trying a project with cables. It’s coming along gorgeously. She is, after 20 years, becoming a brave knitter.

On a related topic, I finally received my level one Master Knitter’s packet. Again, am I ready to tackle this? I’m sure I will be by the end of it!