I’ve added to my Blogrolling list. Blogrolling, for those of you who don’t know, is a way of listing blogs or other webpages on your site without having to change your site coding everytime you want to add a new site.

I link to sites for a variety of reasons. Some I just enjoy the day to day content. Others I enjoy because of the projects they knit, or have knitted. Some sites may have thought-provoking content that I don’t always agree with, but they’re still good to read. Some (the Knitting Curmudgeon’s in particular) can be downright nasty and misanthropic but I still like to check them out. Some blog authors share interests (like SCUBA) so I’m curious to see what they’ll blog about in the future.

I assume, for the most part, that everyone is blogging for themselves. There’s no way, no matter how many rings you belong to, to make people read your blog. I belong to a ton of rings to increase my chances of readership but since my blog is primarily for me (and then for my family and friends, who want a quick way of checking up on me without days of phone tag) I write what I want to write. (And anyway the blog ring buttons are colorful and cute.) If someone else likes my stuff, great. I also use my blog to keep track of my UFOs because if I didn’t I’d a) have to keep track somewhere else and b) it keeps them fresh in my mind. I’ve wanted to start journaling and for whatever reason blogging works better for me than pen and ink.

Why do you blog?