I couldn’t pass it up. On eBay, someone was selling via Buy It Now the book (This Morning Woolcraft) that includes Starmore’s Marina cardigan pattern and the yarn needed to knit it for an awesome price. Just the yarn would’ve cost more than the Buy It Now price, if I’d had to hunt it all down….which is easier said than done. It goes into the queue after I’ve caught up on my other UFOs (and gotten a little more practice with Fair Isle).

I also tracked down Starmore’s American Portraits and Pacific Coast Highway — spent too much but nonetheless got them at decent (comparatively) prices.

Caleb apparently liked the bunny. Dave & I don’t have kids (nor are we planning them) so Caleb’s first birthday party was quite the experience for us. Many small children, crawling about on the floor, bumping into the pugs (three of them!)….

Mom loves the yarn and color for Mom’s Angora — yeah! because Anny Blatt is certainly not cheap, and I’d hate to not be able to use it, and have to find something else.