My husband just commented that I’m not allowed to START any more projects until I FINISH my UFO’s. (This was brought on by yesterday’s buying spree (Noro Lily at 1/2 off for Annie’s Corset!) as well as my perusal of the Viking Chicken hat just now (Look, honey! wouldn’t that be cute for Caleb! (yeah, like he really needs to look like a plucked chicken)).)


For those of you counting, my main UFO’s (in order of priority) are:

Perugino throw
Mom’s angora
Pinup Girl
Denim tank/ Honeymoon Cami
Persian tiles pillow

To be started:


Sorta started:

Bed & Breakfast from IK

Backburner: Scarves

Waiting to be started:

Marina, aran for Dave, corset top from IK, sweater for Rosemary (mother in law), throw for friend Suzanne, throw for me & Dave