I know I’m perfectly safe blogging about items I’m working on for my mom. She never remembers to look at my blog. (I’m now shaping the armholes on the front of Mom’s Angora, BTW.)

But Rosemary, my mom-in-law, who is very internet literate, DOES read it.

So Rosemary, this is it: DON’T read past this line, or the surprise is ruined.

Anyway, I’d been collecting some yarn on eBay to make my own version of the “Purl” scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. (I did check yarn at a couple LYS’s and just couldn’t find something that suited my vision/taste.)

This is one of those things that is so simple a page in a pattern book shouldn’t be wasted on it — just a K1,P1 ribbed scarf with tasseled fringe. The beauty of it relies totally on the yarn used.

I used an fuzzy thick 80% mohair yarn in navy, Lamb’s Pride worsted in Ink Blue, and Rowan KidSilk Haze in a variegated blue (light to dark). I knitted it up in a day of solid knitting (took a break from Mom’s Angora) and it came out very nice — very fuzzy, warm and luxurious. (In fact, I’ll probably make one for me & maybe for Dave — it’s simple enough a guy could wear it.)

One thing I realized is that though I tend to gravitate towards more complicated projects (and in fact never did any simple scarves like most beginning knitters)…there is some level of immediate gratification from doing something simple on bigger needles.

As long as it turns out gorgeous.