Progress continues on Mom’s Angora. The front & back are finished and both sleeves are started (actually, the lace edging on both is done & I’m up to doing the stockinette). Yes, I know I only have a few more days (we leave for Texas on the 23rd). I suppose, if I want to push this tackily ALL THE WAY to the end, I could even do the finishing in Texas on the 24th.

The biggest issue right now is not the knitting — it’s that which I knit with. Despite swatching, it appears I may be running close to using all the yarn (which is fine, as long as I don’t RUN OUT of yarn). (Which is why I’m doing both sleeves at the same time!)

So, the store at which I bought the yarn (L’Atelier in Redondo Beach), has no more of Anny Blatt angora/wool in Heron, nor does the Santa Monica store.

Luckily, Mom wants short sleeves.

On another knitting note:

I was thinking of knitting Am Kaman from Blackwater Abbey yarn but now I’m thinking of giving the Jaeger Aran in my stash a try and scuttling the Bed & Breakfast pullover which was originally going to be the recipient of that yarn — this is all due to my tri obsession, which is overcoming my yarn obsession.