Not Christmas vacation, of which 3 days will be spent with my parents outside Austin, TX, and 3 days with my in-laws in Geneva, IL; but SPRING BREAK.

We’re trying to decide what to do for spring break. Options include a dive trip to the Caymans (Pirate’s Pointe Little Cayman), ridiculously expensive, but we’re craving warm gin clear Caribbean water, and I’ve never been there; Tour de California, a road trip up north including some time in Napa; Hawaii the Big Island (this was the original plan but got bumped down due to the phase of the moon — seriously — Dave is an amateur astronomer and we were going to visit the observatory, and it’s a BAD TIME OF MONTH, because the moon will be full); and ?

The expense usually isn’t a factor, but this year we’re starting to do more triathlons, and between the entry fees, pet boarding fees, hotels, etc, those babies are expensive. (Never mind I want to get an XTerra Pro2 full wetsuit, on sale this week for $275 (from $475) with our LA Tri Club discount, because my sleeveless won’t be adequate for the 1.5 mile 55 degree Escape From Alcatraz swim next June ($295 entry fee to which is due by midnight December 31st).)

Luckily, there are a ton of triathlons in Southern California that are driving distance, so the only out-of-town ones we’re currently seriously planning are: Wildflower near Paso Robles; Escape From Alcatraz; and Santa Barbara long course in August. Of course, we’ve also signed up for the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon in January and are still thinking of doing the Tour de Borrego bike ride in Anza Borrego (both of which will require overnight stays, pet sitters etc).

So, back to the vacation topic: if anyone has any ideas or opinions on a fun, active week-long vacation spot, let me know! (Other things we’ve done in the past include visiting Zion & Bryce National Parks, a week in San Diego, dive trip to Belize, and a dive trip to Bora Bora/ Rangiroa.)