Finished Mom’s Angora! Yep, pushed it all the way to the end. She loves it though.

Rosemary (my mom-in-law) loved her scarf, too.

Next BIG priority is finishing the Colinette throw for my friend Traci & her husband Doug. That one is not quite a year overdue.

While in Geneva (IL) visiting Dave’s parents Rosemary and Curtis, we visited….a YARN STORE! to Dave’s great dismay. Not only that, they were HAVING A 25% OFF SALE! I bought some lovely angora/merino yarn (one khaki, one green) from a farm in Wisconsin, a large earthy variegated skein from another farm in Wisconsin, some Nature’s Palette sock yarn, and some Malabrigo merino in the Pearl colorway (like black pearls, very pretty). That latter is about halfway to being a scarf out of Weekend Knitting (which Rosemary got me for Christmas) for a friend. Oh, and a blue variegated mohair blend to use as a carry-along in another scarf (one of the women at one of the clinics I work at brings all of us lattes….every single morning she works….the least I can do is make her something….she won’t let us pay for the drinks!).

Anyway, the store was Wool & Company. Fabulous store, tons of classes offered (Rosemary’s getting tempted by all the colors, she’s an artist and does silk painting, watercolors, more), great selection of yarn, needles, books, etc. The place was mobbed when we visited. I’m sure I’ll be visiting there every time we visit Rosemary & Curtis.