Finished the Weekend Knitting scarf for Mel (oooh, I love that Malabrigo — it’s like a soft fuzzy Golden Retriever puppy — you just want to squish it against your face) and hopefully will get to give it to her this coming Thursday a.m.

I also finished and gifted a second blue Purl Scarf to Jennifer at one of the clinics I work at — she’s been buying us all Tuesday morning lattes for a long time and won’t take repayment.

Hmmmm….also been working on Lady Eleanor — love it! This one may get gifted a friend on mine back east-ish….and of course that’ll give me an excuse to pick out more Kureyon for one for myself! The entrelac tiers go by quickly. I did try knitting backward but am faster turning & purling.

Yep, and haven’t been working on the Colinette Perugino throw.